Welch Allyn 5079-325 Tycos Harvey DLX Double Head Stethoscope, Black


Description of the Welch Allyn Tycos Harvey DLX Double Head Stethoscope Black
Welch Allyn Tycos Harvey DLX Double Head Stethoscope:

Both the double- and triple-head Harvey DLX stethoscopes are specifically designed to accentuate important sounds and enable you to hear cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular sounds without relying on difficult "variable pressure" techniques.

The Harvey DLX is equipped with dual-bore tubing that creates two uninterrupted sound channels and works with the optimally weighted brass chestpieces to transmit a full range of physical sounds. Providing clear, crisp sound, the Harvey DLX helps enhance your auscultation capabilities.

Full-range, cardiology/pulmonary stethoscope.

Rotatable triple-head (brass bell and corrugated diaphragm) chestpieces.

Chrome-plated brass chestpieces and binaurals.

Rotatable binaurals and interchangeable comfort sealing ear tips.

Triple-leaf binaural spring encased in polyurethane allows size adjustment while preventing breakage.

Latex Free.

10-year warranty.

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Dual Head Stethoscopes can be found in our extensive online collection of products from globally recognized and trusted brands, including Welch Allyn. An excellent option to consider is the Tycos Harvey DLX Double Head Stethoscope.

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