Deltec Port-A-Cath Venous Access System, Single-lumen Portal, Silicone Cath, 9 Fr, Kit


Features of the Deltec Port-A-Cath Venous Access System:


Designed to permit repeated access to the venous system for the parenteral delivery of medications, fluids, and nutritional solutions and for the sampling of venous blood. Single-lumen Portal, ID 1.0 mm, OD 2.8, length 76 cm, Introducer Needle 9 Fr

Light weight durable titanium portal reservoir provides gouge resistance and long-term durability

Contoured shape designed for patient comfort and ease of portal palpation

Needle-stop titanium reservoir floor creates positive tactile feedback when the accessing needle makes contact

Distinct rounded septum ring designed to assist in septum location

High compression SECUR SITE® septum captured in titanium designed for needle retention and stability

Beveled suture holes designed for ease of suturing

ULTRA-LOCK catheter connector integrated with portal for ease of system assembly

Portal systems are MR Conditional up to 3-Tesl

Features of Catheter:

PolyFlow Polyurethane catheter minimizes outer/inner diameter ratio and maximizes flow rate

PolyFlow Polyurethane catheter is kink-resistant, biocompatible and radiopaque

Smaller outer diameter than silicone catheters with the same internal diameter

Smaller introducer than silicone catheters with the same internal diameter

High tensile and shear strength designed to withstand high pressure

Firm at room temperature for easier advancement into the vein with silicone-like softness at body temperature

Surface structure shown to be lower in platelet adhesion

Catheter markings for reference during catheter placement

Contoured tip for ease of advancement into the vein

Linder L, Curelaru I, Gustavsson B, et al. Material thrombogenicity in central venous catheterization: A comparison between soft, antebrachial catheters of silicone elastomer and polyurethane.

Kits include:
Portal, catheter, PORT-A-CATH straight needle, blunt needle (except preassembled systems), and vein pick.

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Urethral Catheters & Trays can be found in our extensive online collection of products from globally recognized and trusted brands, including Smiths Medical ASD, Inc. An excellent option to consider is the Deltec Port-A-Cath Venous Access System, Single-lumen Portal, Silicone Cath.

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