Riester Duplex-de-luxe Baby Stethoscope, Blue


Features of the Riester Duplex-de-luxe Baby Stethoscope:

The quality stethoscope duplex® de luxe baby has been developed specially for babies and children. The precision finishing of the double-headed chest-piece guarantees high acoustic performance.

Precision double-headed chest-piece made of stainless steel.

Special membranes, Ø 36 mm, with particularly flat and soft non-chill rims for improved adaptation on the skin.

Bell, Ø 28 mm.

Overall length: 76.5 cm.

Duplex® de luxe baby is supplied with two pairs of replacement ear-tips, a replacement membrane each and a name plate.

Matt chromium-plated binaural with integrated reinforced double spring.

Extra-soft, replaceable ear-tips with metal screw thread for comfortable and effective sealing of the external auditory canal.

Extra-strong Y-tube made of PVC for shielding against undesired stray sounds.


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Infant & Neonatal Stethoscopes can be found in our extensive online collection of products from globally recognized and trusted brands, including Riester. An excellent option to consider is the Duplex-de-luxe Baby Stethoscope, Blue.

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