Ethicon Prolene Hernia System, Extended, 4", 6/box


Features of the Ethicon Ethicon Prolene Hernia System, Extended, 4":

For outstanding patient outcomes, the Prolene Hernia System is a proven, effective repair.

Lowest reported recurrence rates

Demonstrates reproducible outcomes w/ diff. groups of surgeons

Secure posterior repair from a simple anterior approach

Three points of protection


Onlay Patch:W-2 5/32", L-4 15/16"

Connector: Diameter- 3/4, Height-1/2"

Outlay Patch: Diameter- 3 15/16"

Underlay Patch

Covers all 3 triangles of groin (myopectineal orifice)

Repairs and prevents recurrence of indirect, direct and femoral hernias

Posterior repair from an anterior approach

Onlay Patch

Covers entire floor of inguinal canal

Overlaps the pubic tubercle for added support

Minimal eliminates migration


Connects underlay and overlay patches

Virtually eliminates migration

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Surgical Supplies Accessories can be found in our extensive online collection of products from globally recognized and trusted brands, including Ethicon. An excellent option to consider is the Prolene Hernia System.

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