DeRoyal Multidex Wound Powder, 6 Grams, 10/bx


Features of the DeRoyal Multidex Wound Powder:

A hydrophilic Maltodextrin NF wound dressing clinically proven to promote the growth of granulation tissue and epithelial proliferation.

Quickly fills wound site, rapidly mixing with exudate to form a protective coating that maintains an ideal moisture balance to protect against dehydration.

Available as a powder for moist and wet wounds.

For use on all wound types, including infected hard-to-heal wounds.

Specifically formulated to provide topical nutrients to wound sites, creating a natural healing environment.

Non-toxic and not systemically absorbed.

Controls odor while decreasing purulent exudate.

Penetrates all wound irregularities to fill tunneling and undermining.

Softens necrotic tissue to facilitate debridement.

Primary dressing.

INDICATIONS: Venous stasis ulcers, Dermal ulcers, Partial and full thickness wounds, Arterial ulcers, Abdominal wounds, Infected wounds, Superfical wounds, Pressure ulcers, Dermal injuries, Second degree burns, Donor sites, Diabetic ulcers.

With one of the largest catalogs of medical, surgical and diagnostic supplies available online, Medex Supply can accommodate your facility's needs for Wound Care.
Ointments & Solutions can be found in our extensive online collection of products from globally recognized and trusted brands, including DeRoyal. An excellent option to consider is the Multidex Wound Powder.

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