ADC Adscope 601 Cardiology Sprague Stethoscope, Black


Description of the ADC Adscope 601 Cardiology Sprague Stethoscope Black
ADC Adscope 601 Cardiology Sprague Stethoscope:
• Threaded chestpiece drum allows rapid conversion from a pediatric diaphragm to an adult bell.
• Chestpiece precisely machined to exacting tolerance from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance and rugged durability.
• Extra deep bell for unsurpassed low frequency response .
• Ultrasensitive diaphragms for greater amplification and crisper high frequency transmission.
• Non chill bell and diaphragm retaining rims for patient comfort.
• Large internal bore stainless steel binaurals are fixed at a 15 degree angle for greater comfort.
• Custom molded bi lumen 19" PVC tubing stays soft and flexible.
• Extra thick tubing walls minimize extraneous noise.
• Double leaf internal spring construction reduces bulk and prevents kinking when folded.
• Complete with one pair of PVC eartips and ADSOFT deluxe PVC eartips in small and large sizes for the ultimate wearing comfort and acoustic seal
• Complete with an accessory case containing the adult bell, 2 spare diaphragms, and two sets of eartips.
• Available in 4 striking colors.
• Scope ID Tag included.
• Weighs 9 oz (adult bell) and 10 oz. (pediatric diaphragm)
• Large internal bore stainless steel binaurals are fixed at a 15° angle for greater comfort.
• Overall length 28.
ADC medical instruments and accessories have been carefully designed to meet the rigorous demands of the most discriminating healthcare professionals throughout the world. ADC products are manufactured from the finest materials with an uncompromising concern for quality.
Exhaustive inspection of every item by ADC factory trained quality control staff ensures strict compliance with ADC standards for performance and durability. And the commitment to manufacturing excellence is backed by the industry’s most extensive warranties.
As Compared To: Littman Cardiology lll.

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Sensitive Stethoscopes can be found in our extensive online collection of products from globally recognized and trusted brands, including ADC. An excellent option to consider is the Adscope 601 Cardiology Sprague Stethoscope.

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